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MOR - Candle Wick Trimmer



A must have in every home and the perfect add on gift for the candle lover, this little tool cuts your candle wicks at the optimal height for an even, safe and economical burn. 

Before lighting your candle, trim the wick to 1/4 inch by gently resting the wick trimmer back on the candle surface and snipping. Remove any debris. This encourages a steady flame and even burn while helping to eliminate dripping, smoking and excessive "mushrooming" or 'tunneling". 

For best results and to ensure that the flame is safely extinguished, use in conjunction with the MOR candle snuffer.

These elegant, matt black coated trimmers come nicely boxed for a thoughtful gift.

Cleaning instructions - Gently wipe your candle wick trimmer with a damp cloth. Avoid harsh cleaning agents which may damage or corrode the finish.