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Compendium - Pop-Open Fortunes




There’s magic in this box, the magic that comes from finding the perfect words for the perfect moment.

Inspired by Compendiums bestselling ThoughtFulls, inside are 30 cards with a different message to offer a little momentum to get through the day. Pop them open during a season of change, when feeling uncertain, or simply looking for some extra inspiration. Or add them to the place settings at your next dinner party.

Like cracking open a fortune cookie, each card has a way of offering just the words you need to hear. The set is perfect to live on a desk or nightstand for moments of unexpected delight, and create a touching gift to share hope with a loved one.

These pocket-sized pop-open cards hold words of wisdom that can be given as encouragements or read as affirmations:  

You don’t need to do anything to prove your worth. You’re worthy just by being.

You deserve your own compassion. Especially today.

Pay close attention to your own yes—to the things that restore you, and the things that you love.

  • Format: Lidded box
  • Box Size: 3.97″W x 2.64″H x .2.14″D
  • Card Size: 3.5″W x 2.25″H
  • Card Count: 30 cards