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Maine Beach - Kakadu Plum Fragrance Diffuser 200ml



An exuberant fragrance of lush ripe plums and raspberries with a sensual hint of sweet vanilla bean and lively highlights of green melon and green leaves.


Classically designed to complement your decor, 10 natural reeds require rotation to experience the ultimate fragrance sensation.

Always follow the safety guidelines available on the packaging when using diffusers.

Diffuser Care - 

- 3-4 months life once opened.
- Most diffusers have up to 70 ingredients, which vary from one range to the next. Please note that this can affect shelf life.
- Lasts longer in cooler temperatures with minimum drafts. For best results, store at or below 20°C.
- Turn the natural reed sticks regularly for bursts of fresh fragrance.
- Ensure the reeds do not have contact with any surfaces (including walls) as damage may occur. Please note that the oils from the diffuser may stain fabrics if left touching.