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Melange Moira Sterling Silver Double Rectangle Earrings - Lolite Hydro & Lavender Chalcedony Hydro



The Moira Purple/lavender double rectangular stone earrings are more that just statement, these are a definite over stated glamorous pair, they are a beautiful combination of peach and rose that you can wear confidently. No need for any other accessories when you wear these crystal earrings.


  • Rhodium/Rosegold plated on sterling silver
  • Lolite Hydro & Lavender Chalcedony Hydro Gemstone (10X14/8X10mm)
  • Less is more. Please consider that this is sold as a single earring.
  • Comes in white/rosegold finish

Hydro gemstones are grown under conditions very similar to the heat and pressure that natural gemstone form in. One large difference is they do not form freely-grown crystals, instead forming an elongated hexagon grown off of a colorless piece of beryl. The growth forms specific features like nail-head spicules and chevron.


Take care of your jewellery by keeping it away from liquids, creams or any other corrosive materials, and remove jewellery whilst swimming, bathing or washing your hands. For silver items use a specialist silver polishing cloth.


Each of our items is hand made and not by machines, and the stones we use are from mother nature, so no two items will be identical making them special. Imperfections are entirely natural and are not faults.

For sanitary reasons, earrings are non-returnable.