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Kantha – A stitch running in history of Indian art and craft

Posted by Shipra Bhatia-Tewani on

Kantha stitch is a traditional threadwork craft with its origination in western regions of India. It is a needle art expression to depict story, nature and tradition. The craftsmen draw inspiration from their surroundings.
The exact time of origin of the word kantha is not accurately known but it probably had a precursor in kheta meaning "field"
The earliest and most basic stitch  found in Kantha  is the running stitch, runs across the entire length of fabric and most commonly seen in quilts, is likely inspired by the fields, usual setting around the vernacular craftsmen/women. What also makes these quilts versatile is that you can use them as soft bedspreads in summer or add a pop of colour as throw your living space or even table cloth for that chic look.


So starting at basics, Melange Chic’s kantha collection offers a collection of beautifully handcrafted duvet covers, table cloths and cushions. This collection is crafted and designed combining very traditional Indian craft technique with a touch of streamline, modern style. And making the deal yet sweeter, is the base fabric – The vibrantly colored, block printed  and layered soft cotton fabric.

Our future collections are inspired by the more complex Kantha like Biral Pothi stitch, Sujani Kantha and many more

Founder’s Choice:

The Blue and Green quilt

“Inspired by the two true colors, it’s like gathering the blue sky and green earth and everything in between” – Shipra Bhatia Tewani

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