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Here at Melange Chic, our customers’ feelings, emotions and genuine interest in quality fashion, homewares and jewellery are central to our core values. Over time, we have all had to suffer numerous marketing strategies employed by the retail industry; from pesky subscription emails, advertisements playing on your innermost emotions encouraging you to buy the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, false marketing to increase sales and the illusions of bulk bargains.

Have you ever walked into a store and immediately been confronted with a pushy sales person who is in essence twisting your arm to buy their product? How does this make you feel? Annoyed, stressed, confused, and transforming what you thought would be a pleasant shopping experience into one that is now ruined? We know how you feel, and the really frustrating thing is that these same tactics are now transferring to the online shopping world. Cyberspace has caught up, and is now utilising these timeworn, manipulative marketing strategies to seduce their tech-savvy audience. Have you ever noticed how you search for one item, and suddenly this item is springing up everywhere you look? At Melange Chic, we don’t believe this is how the shopping experience is supposed to be.

We have the utmost respect for our customers, and know that they have the ability to discern their own wants, needs and desires, as well as the suitability of the product for their individual purposes. Furthermore, we acknowledge that our customers are intelligent, reasoning individuals who are able to quickly determine when they are being fed unsubstantiated claims.

With Melange Chic, we eliminate the unnecessary. There are no sneaky gimmicks to get you on board, and no resulting buyer’s remorse. We want our customers to purchase our products because they love them, and because they are all about high quality, sophisticated, chic and affordable luxury. Luckily, buying loveable items is guaranteed with Melange Chic, as our scarves, cashmere, bags, jewellery, kaftans and home furnishing items are timeless and classic. Each product you purchase from us will be a staple item in your home or wardrobe for many years to come, as they are everlasting in both style and quality. Our products speak for themselves, no gimmicks required.

No Gimmicks Required - Melange Chic

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